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Click HERE to Download “#UnsignedHype3”


The Hype continues…#UnsignedHype3 features LBO, Dizzy Wright, Savvy Sossa, Beach Boy, DJ A-Tron, Squad5150, Nipsey Hussle, Russ, D.B. the Don, B!zness, King Doobie, TBHM Wet, Kool John, Krunkphy, BisnesAsUsual, Jimmy Mulaaaa, Rabby Rich, Mj Phresco, Ken Malik, Joe Moses, Kese Soprano, AIT, Jonny McFly, JG, Focus The Truth, William Young, Papoose, King Camil, ST33ZY, R.O.D & Rob D & Kid Kimani! Remember who brought it to you first, DJ V.I.P.!

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Click HERE to Download “#UnsignedHype”


This is the FIRST OF MANY, #UnsignedHype Mixtape Series bringing you some hot Unsigned Artists! This tape features new music from K Smith, Lil Snupe, G The Mastermind, Flight, Yayo, Flex Nitro, Bisness As Usual, Tay Nati, Rico Montana, Zay Aveune, Rion Knuckles, Mo Pizza, Benny Hunnids, D.EdWordz, RabittTunes, Cartier, Young Industry, ikabodVEINS, chaznasty, B!zness & Mark Myles! Remember who brought it first…DJ V.I.P.!

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The Board of Educations “Sailing Away” Mixtape [Hosted by DJ V.I.P.]

Click HERE to Download “Sailing Away”

The 3rd release by the New Jersey based hip-hop group, The Board of Education. This project can be seen as the first true “album” from the duo, because of its cohesive sound compared to the previous two mixtapes released by the group.

The sound of the album takes many cues from different forms of slower music, such as ambient, shoegaze, downtemp, trip hop, and dream pop. The composition of the music is based on techniques that fuse 90’s electronic and hip-hop, by using sampling to create different layered sounds.

All the vocals on this release were recorded between May and August 2012, with some of the musical elements tracing beginnings to as far back as 2010.

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