Jey Ahr’s “Blue Sky Dreams” Mixtape [Hosted by DJ V.I.P.]

Download “Blue Sky Dreams” HERE

Born and Raised in Long Beach, California Ronnie Woods aka Jey Ahr is an up and coming Hip Hop artist. He Fell in love with the culture at a very young age. His influences are Notorious B.I.G, Tupac Shakur, and Rakim just to name a few. He began writing rhymes with his cousin Derrion Woods aka Spadez.  Together with help from older brother Lamaur Woods aka Big L Mar and family friend Charles Jennings aka Rayon they formed what was then known as AUE(Artist United Entertainment).  In 2006 Jey Ahr got his girlfriend now wife pregnant and had to put his aspirations on hold so he could join the military and support his family.  Fast Forward to the present:  He began writing and recording with friend James Bryant aka James. Together they started the group Fam Bam.  With his newly focused passion and work ethic he is sure to become a star.


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2 responses to “Jey Ahr’s “Blue Sky Dreams” Mixtape [Hosted by DJ V.I.P.]

  1. This shit if fucking SICK!!! You keep doing you Jey!

  2. thanks man i appreciate the love

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