Undisputed’s “Point of No Return”

Click HERE to Download “Point of No Return”

The Point of no return is among us. Undisputed returns with his sophomore mixtape Point Of No Return. “It sounds like an album”  -Undisputed

Undisputed is from Cleveland Ohio growing up in a musical family structure he found his talent early as a kid recording with his father in their home studio. Undisputed grew up in a tough city making hard to excel in his environment. So in 2008 he decided to Move to Los angeles california and it was there he attended a Sound Recording school named Pinnacle College formally known as Soundmaster Recording School. After learning the art of music and signal flow Undisputed recorded his first mixtape Cleveland Crack. “The mixtape got me exposed to a whole new world” -Undisputed. It didn’t receive a great deal of promotion but the attention of Cleveland Crack landed him a recording deal in 2012 with the Tate Music Group. Due to contract disagreements Undisputed discontinued from Tate and since then started his own Music Lable entitled Undisputed Music Group, and partnered up with Dj Vip one of the more respected Djs in Los Angeles. Undisputed is dedicated to providing subject matter appropriate to universal standards while delivering a potent flow suitable for industry correspondents.  Undisputed is a different type of artist he put his life situations in his music good or bad whatever he’s going through you will hear about it in his melodies. Which give his music a cinematic experience. Point of No return is the latest project to the catalog of Undisputed as he displays his love and passion for his art and his current situation involving a Major Label. For more updates and information on Undisputed visit Undisputedmusicgroup.com

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