FLüD Watches Coupon Code: “FLUDxDJVIP”

Shoutout to FLuD Watches for hookin’ #teamVIP up with a coupon code! After you shop http://www.FLuDWatches.com, enter discount code: FLUDxDJVIP at checkout!

If haven’t already heard of FLuD, here is some information off their site:

“FLüD was established in 2007 by a few good men who loved fashion and good business. In an effort to bring the watch back to its rightful place as one of the ultimate accessories, the concept for FLüD was born. Our goal is to create unique, fresh watches for the casual and streetwear scene without the pretentiousness or price tag. Fresh style, nice price, its a simple formula. We could get more wordy, but its not what FLüD is about – its all about the watches.”

Don’t forget to follow @FLuDWatches on Twitter/Instgram and HASHTAG your Watch Pics #TheFludWay!

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