Lay Lay’s “Out My Mind” Mixtape [Hosted by DJ V.I.P.]

Click HERE to Download “Out My Mind”

Lay Lay’s “Out My Mind” Mixtape [Hosted by DJ V.I.P.]

In the small city of Fairfield, California rises a star in the making. Debuting her first official Mixtape “Out My Mind”,  Lay Lay hopes to attract listeners of all walks of life. With up beat songs like “Night Lights” and “Basement” to more relatable songs such as “Don’t Let Me” and “Different”, she shows an amazing amount of versatility. The heart wrenching “Waiting Room” displays Lay Lay’s ability to paint a picture with words. A smoothness and confidence is evident in her delivery throughout the mixtape.  “Out My Mind” is a well rounded project showcasing great punchlines, creativity, lyrical ability, storytelling, and catchy hooks. The title alone implies spitting crazy bars on banging beats, but what “Out My Mind” really means is revealing the depths of the artists’  mind and bringing it to the audience. Here is a personal invitation to what is “Out My Mind”.

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