N.O.’s 12 Verses 12 Hearses Mixtape [Hosted by DJ V.I.P.]

Download “12 Verese 12 Hearses” Mixtape HERE

For Brooklyn, NY Rap Artist 19yr old N.O. , hip-hop has always been a way of life. “I was a freestyle rapper, just rapping with friends on the blocks, then started battling, competition has always inspired me. Then decided to start making music in the booth when I turned 18”.

Always of fan of lyrical rappers like Jay-Z, Royce Da 5’9” and Nas. N.O. , short for New Order, uses his lyracsim skills and gift for storytelling to set him apart from other MCs. .”I can rap about life and tell a story, get real deep and then switch it up and do a energized type record, I consider myself to be a lyricist, that sets me apart from a lot of artists already, trying to be a MC not just a rapper.” says N.O.

3 Mixtapes out in a 6 month Span, My last mixtape was just released a little over a month ago, put a lot of work into it, so with this third mixtape i just decided to do it all in one shot and have fun with it lyrically, got a 12hr studio session going, went in there with the proper medicinal, and just went 12/12 , all the tracks recorded, mixed down, and put each track on this ’12 Verses 12 Hearses’ Tape, which i think came out really well for a Freestyle type mixtape.

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