In the city of Los Angeles where thousands and thousands aspire to make it into the music industry, “C. Crave” won’t be hard to spot. Through his creative lyrics, intense delivery, and meaningful content you don’t just listen to his music, but you feel it as well. C. Crave also stands out due to his unique form of marketing himself and his brand all over the world.

His recent works include three singles: L.A. City of Dreams, On Top of the World, and Love Demon, which is the first song to be released from the three. For the song “Love Demon” he tells the true story of the complications of being with “that one person” that makes you feel extremely good, but can do the opposite as well.

So as the world premiere of “Love Demon” music video is at hand, prepare to watch an upcoming artist ascend to fame. And continue to be on the lookout for videos from his other two single this summer.

Checkout the NEW MUSIC VIDEO “Love Demon” right here!


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  1. C. Crave

    Sick shit right here.

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